Health !

This blog was written in Dutch first and the word in dutch for health is “gezond” which basically means you have been “exposed to the sun”. So I cannot just translate this blog as it would miss the point… so let me create a new word for health in English “sunned” (as in “having been exposed to the sun”).

Since I was young, as a child I always played outside in spring, summer and autumn and I didn’t know any better than to get super tanned in these months and during the annual 4 weeks holiday with my parents. But since I outgrew my parental home, I have learned (from the media, and by people parroted and manifested and put into the world) how dangerous the sun is for humans. How it would cause cancer and eye damage….

We have to apply SPF 50 so that we would be “protected” and especially when you go outside, put on sunglasses immediately. I have been doing so for years. Where as, as a child, I could play outside in the sun for hours with my red hair and light freckled skin, then suddenly, when I started wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen, I couldn’t be outside for long anymore… If I was on holiday and wanted to relax in the sun, I was already sunburned in 10-15 minutes and I could immediately go back inside with my book.

Only now, years later and since I’ve been leaving my entire sunglass-collection in the closet for years, I can be outside all day again without any problem. I’m getting super tanned again, I’m SUNned. Exactly, you have been SUNned, been in the sun, the sun has warmed and kissed your body and cells, and this is accelerating your healing processes. It is energy from the purest source!

This is only a short blog, but one with a clear message:

Throw away your sunglasses (maybe one for emergencies in your glove compartment at first). But other than that, bin them!

Forget about carcinogenic ointments, including day creams with factors (as those are the real reason for skincancer) and put everything in the bin and go natural, go for sunned/health. It is no more than a revenue model, both the glasses and the ointments and by extension a revenue model on the sick human who has not been exposed to the sun due to years of false information.

The rays of the sun that come in through your eyes, communicate to your brain to produce the right amount of melanine, to protect your skin naturally from the inside and giving it this beautiful healthy colour. The only thing you have to do is support your body with sufficient intake of clear water to hydrate the skin. And when you come from a period of sunglasses and suncreams, give your body plenty of time to adjust to your new habit of letting the light in.

ENJOY and that’s all !

Smiling sun drawn on a sandy beach.

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