ExtraHealy Therapist Programs

Do you have a Healy and would you like an additional program for your Therapist Expert program section. This is the way.

With a wide knowledge of the energetic and physical body and a longterm experience in how the human body functions and reacts, I make specific programs for extra support in different life themes  you may be dealing with. Please note I can not give you a healing promise, as all programs are harmonizing your bio-energetic field and your body itself will do the necessary healing ! But there are no side-effects. The programs are supporting your own body processes and the actual healing comes from within. If your mindset is one of faith in healing, it will speed up your process. But the reverse is also true ! It is called a nocebo. So trust in your body as its priority is always the repair and continuity of your system and therefore supporting it and keeping it clean of toxins is very important.

A current offer of programs for different themes is already available from 25 euro per program. Should you have a specific request or health problem that is not mentioned yet, please contact me then I can make a custom-made program for your request at 54 euro each.

How does it work ?

The complementary programs have been written by me to fit your goals. After ordering online, please send me a message with your order on Whatsapp so I can contact you for your Healy Therapist Tan, in order to upload it in your therapist program list. Once the Tan has been opened and made a print screen or shared with me by whatsapp, push OK twice and do not repeat the process (because then the first tan is no longer valid and you will need to generate a new one). I will inform you via Whatsapp text message or email when the program has been sent. Then after your Healy update (via settings on pink app, ‘search for updates’), your new program will appear under Therapist programs and you can start running it for your own benefit.

There are many more programs, if you have special request, please let me know by email (info@bewustgezondmens.nl) or WhatsApp on +31 649 122 402.

To purchase extra programs

Look at the extra programs below to feel what resonates with you. If you are searching for something else which is not mentioned, let me know on +31 649 122402 and I will make it for you.

Please note:  SUMMER~ PROMOTION:

Buy 4 programs and get the 5th free of charge !!!

(the one with the lowest price is f.o.c.)

Custom-made program Healy

A lot of different special programs are mentioned below, but not everything is online yet. If you have a question regarding your complaints or issues or you have an idea for a program that could support you, please contact me so we can discuss your wishes and I will write a special custom-made program for you. Are you up for this, then buy this program.

€ 54

Custom-made program MagHealy

If you would like a customized program for your MagHealy please choose this option. We will discuss your needs and I will build the program for you and put it on your MagHealy by remote access.

€ 63

I AM Abundance

This program helps you to get into a positive flow of attraction and to increase your frequency to attract abundance, flow of money, selflove and universal love. It contains powerful frequencies to overwrite old limiting beliefs and to reinforce new positive affirmations.

€ 25

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the Nervous Vagus

Lots of humans experience a lot of tension due to the threadmill they are in and would love to feel relaxed and peaceful. This program helps to harmonize the bio-energetic field and relax the nervus vagus and ease the muscle tension and brings you to a place of peace and quietness. It activates the bio-energetic field of your parasympathetic nervous system, so please do not run this while driving a car or operating machinery.

€ 33

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of Ideal body

This program helps you to harmonize the bio-energetic field of and balance the Candida Fungus in your intestines (that keeps you craving for sugar) and harmonizes the bio-energetic fields of your intestines to function optimally as well as your Thyroid and Hypothalamus. The purpose of this program is to harmonize your energy field for your body to regain a normal digestion. It also harmonizes the field to let go of the underlying emotional layers that play a big part in weight gain.

€ 33

Harmonisation in the energyfield of allergies

This program helps to harmonize food allergies in the energyfield. If you have such a good working immune system that it over-reacts on all strange substances that are indulged you may develop food allergies. This also happens with “food” that is no longer natural due to too much modification. This program harmonizes allergies and intollerances in your bio-energetic field.

€ 25

Cleansing V

This program harmonizes the bio-energetic field to cleanse your body of all sorts of toxins from meds and vacs that stay behind in your liver and tissues after they have been administered. It optimises and harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your organs, so that your liver can more easily remove and excrete these foreign substances from your body. It also stimulates and optimizes the bio-energetic field of your lymfe system for excretion of what no longer serves you.

€ 25

Supporting harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of Weight

Do you want to loose weight but your body is not co-operating? This program harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your body to optimize of a number of processes in order to help fat-burning and metabolism, so that it is easier to let go. Please note that is it important though to increase movement, drink more water and sleep before 11 pm and catch enough sleep. 11 pm -1 am is Gallbladder time (gallbladder is in charge of fatburning). Also take into account that eating fruit and salad is slowing down your metabolism (cold energetic foods).

€ 25

Optimum Weight

The most extensive weightloss program to harmonize your bio-energetic field to support your weightloss. It is a combination of harmonizing the bio-energetic field of your body’s metabolism, as well as harmonizing the b.e.-fields of candida/parasites, hormonal balance, thyroid/hypothalamus function and tonifying and harmonizing the b.e.-fields of all organs that add to a healthy and optimal metabolism, sending the right frequencies during the harmonization that you need most to help your figure. Run this daily, preferrably in the morning and support this optimization with sufficient vital water intake, movement or sports, healthy food (80% of what you normally eat) and sufficient sleep (start sleeping before 11 pm).

€ 45

Harmonizing of the bio-energetic field of consciousness

Do you keep reaching for sigarettes, drugs or alcohol and would you like to be supported to harmonize the bio-energetic field of your consciousness in order to make better decisions, then this is the program that may help you. It helps you to curb the urge and optimizes the feeling of being the master of your own body, instead of a slave.

€ 45

Healthy Cells :-)

Do you want to run a program to harmonize your energyfield and minimizes dis-ease and keep your cells happy ? This program optimizes your cell voltage and let’s you optimize your health in long term. Each body has cells that grow and decrease or decrease and grow back sometimes beyond their apoptose (natural cell death) and each body under normal conditions can get rid of those cells as long as the body does not become too acid and gets enough oxygen and you take sufficient healing time and rest. Therefore it is great to support your body with a healthy environment in which cells can stay happy and your body’s self healing properties can do their work in harmonising emotional trauma and rebalancing your body.

€ 33

Harmonising the bio-energetic field of Ovaries

Harmonising the bio-energetic field of your ovaries is a program which optimizes your ovaries and checks which frequencies can be harmonized, so that the selfhealing properties are stimulated. If you have extra tissue, then usually there is underlying trauma, because when this trauma is resolved in the psyche, there will be tissue growth in the ovaries (during the conflict-fase, the tissue breaks down, in the healing fase the tissue grows back). In case of extra tissues your body is already in a healing fase (look into Germanic New Medicin). The program also harmonizes the bio-energetic field of emotional ties to diseases and softens emotional trauma.

€ 35

Harmonization of the bio-energyfield of the breastarea

In case you have trouble producing enough milk after giving birth, and still want to breastfeed your baby, this program harmonizes the energyfield of your breasts and optimizes the energy, so your body can act naturally.

€ 25

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of skin in case of burns

In case of Sunburn or burns we are taught to act fast. This program supports natural healing by harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the skin on cell level so that residual damage is limited as much as possible given the circumstances. Run multiple times per day, as often as necessary. Although I cannot make a healing promise, I always use it myself and I am happy afterwards. You can also use blue light if available.

€ 25

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the Eyes

This program is made to support your eye sight and improve your sight by harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the eyes. The program does not do the healing, you do this yourself by providing your body with the optimal circumstances !

Do you suffer from dry eyes  alternating with watering eyes ? This is mostly hormonal and therefore the ‘Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of your hormones’ program below could be more helpful.

€ 25

Healthy harmonisation of bio-energetic field of Veins

The system of veins is of great importance in the bloodcirculaton of your body. Not only the blood needs to be pumped to your organs but also it has to flow back from your veigns to your hearth. This program harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your veins and provides the optimal circumstances for your body to keep them healthy.

€ 25

Harmonisation of bio-energetic field of Gastro Intestinal Tract

GI track is the channel from mouth to bottom. So from your esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, appendix, large intestine to exit. It is super important for your digestion but also for the health of your brain (your colon is your second brain). This program optimizes and harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your GI trajectory.

€ 33

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of skin in case of a Tick Bite

If you have been bitten by a tick, or if you suspect that you suffer from an older tickbite, it is important to immediately harmonize the bio-energetic field of the tick bite. Run this program daily. Can also be used for animals. It may work well to prevent worse. It scans for various types of disbalances and harmonizes the bio-energetic field with the right frequency for your body to do the healing itself. The program is just a support for the body’s healing process.

€ 33

Harmonisation of Nausea

This program works on different types of nausea. If you have tried to get rid of your nausea with the ‘Stomach’ program on your Healy, and this does not have the required effect, you can still try this program to support your body. It gives the most common frequencies that harmonize the bio-energetic field of nausea.

€ 25

Full Body Bio-Energetic Harmonisation -chronic fatigue

This program originated from a program specially made for people with chronic fatigue because of several possible reasons and couldn’t get out of this. It is a very extensive program that harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your body, supports and vitalizes your bio-energetic field of organ systems and also gives a wonderful energy boost so that you are back and feel better about yourself.

€ 45

Nogier Frequencies

The French doctor and acupuncturist Nogier had a basic theory on sickness and health. When sick the cells are not vibrating in their normal frequencies or frequency pattern. They can mostly be repaired by repeatedly being exposed to the right harmonizing frequencies. This program offers these frequencies to the body. As an addition the Schumann frequency is added to this program for earthing properties.

€ 25

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the blood

This program has been specifically developped to harmonize the bio-energetic field of your blood and optimize your blood pressure. As an extra it also harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your blood circulation. Please note it’s important that you have enough blood circulating in your body. If you have trouble sleeping, cold hands, cold feet, cold nose, tingling in your fingers and toes or a numb feeling, you usually need more blood, This can be build by eating red fruits, beetroot juice, eating red meat once every week.

€ 25

Shoulder/ Elbow/wrist disbalance

If you have shoulder or elbow pain (golf or tennis), blocked shoulder and stiffness in your shoulders, or even a wristproblem due to working too much with your mouse, then this is the best program for your Healy to assist you in your body’s healing process.

Do not hesitate to run it twice a day with bracelets or adhesives on the front and back of your pain area.

€ 30

Harmonisation of the energyfield of Parasites

Want to get rid of parasites ? Who doesn’t…, almost everyone seems to have parasites in their body due to the way we eat and the air we breathe (and not just limited to the intestines). Run this program on a daily basis during  minimum of 4 weeks to assist your body getting rid of parasites. It harmonizes the bio-energetic field of the body, thus supporting the body to cleanse itself.

€ 25

Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of Sinuses

This program is specifically geared on mucus stuck in the sinuses, cavity inflammation and all bacteria related. It harmonizes the bio-energetic field of the sinusses, so that the body can do her own healing. An extra part in this program may reduce polyps in the nasal passages, should this be the case then it will be taken into the harmonization if the field.

€ 30

Harmonisation of Smell and taste

Do you suffer from loss of smell and taste after dis-ease or a cold, then this is a program for you. It optimalises and harmonizes your smell and taste receptors, your nose and harmonizes the bio-energetic field of the hypothalamus (the centre in the brain). Please note this is a common problem which takes time to heal, so advice is to run daily and only phase out when noticing a clear improvement.

€ 35

Harmonisation of bio-energetic field of the ears

Do you have what in western terms is referred to as “tinnitus” and/or ringing in the ears, then this program may help you to solve it. It harmonizes the frequencies for the bio-energetic field of the ears and tinnitus and ringing in the ears in 3 parts. It also checks and harmonizes the possibly underlying condition for sounds in the ears. Please note that it is always said that tinnitus is a hard condition to solve, but if you can run this daily, then this is your best option. Run until the symptoms have improved and/or or have completely been resolved. We can never make a healing promise but the feedback is great.

€ 45

Harmonisation of Gout

This program harmonizes the bio-energetic field of gout on one or more joints. It reduces the pain and the inflammation. When problem is on 1 joint, the use of adhesives is advised on both sides of the joint, for faster result. Would you like more advice on the placement options, please let me know by Whatsapp after purchase with indication of which joint it concerns.

€ 30

Free of Jointpain

This program helps to nourish your painful joints, whether it is fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, knees or elbows. It balances and harmonizes the frequencies for what in western medicin is called ‘arthrosis’, pain and stiffness in joints and muscles that create that heavy feeling when getting up and start moving. I usually run it after working in the garden and it gives me an instant boost of lightness. It’s a program which you can run twice, if you want, it’s short and efficient. The second time it will choose the next important 6 frequencies that cause the dis-ease and imbalance.

€ 35

Harmonization of the energyfield of cold sores

Cold sores on lips can be harmonized with frequencies so that you are less prone (or not at all) to activate it in your body. Please do take into account that when you would be in close (intimate) contact with someone who is just a bearer of wat in western medicin is referred to as “herpes”, you should run the program again until it does not surface anymore. This could take up to a few months depending on how often you run the program.

€ 33

Harmonization in the energyfield of Glandular disbalance

Would you like to harmonize glandular fever or what western medicin refers to as “mononucleose/ Epstein Barr”? Then these are the frequencies you need to harmonize the energyfield of your glands. By running this program daily you may significantly shorten and relieve the symptoms of the dis-ease, such as headache, sore throat, swollen glands in the neck, lethargy and severe fatigue. Give your body the recovery-time though that it needs, to fully absorb and work with the frequencies and to regain your energy.

€ 45

Harmonization of the energyfield of Shingles/ various coldsores

This is the main harmonization program for what is referred to in western medicin as “hpv”, like shingles (one side of the body, usually not crossing the midline) en all sorts of coldsores such as what western medicine refers to as “herpes” but also genital coldsores. The pain is often so substantial that it’s nice to be able to harmonize yourself in your energyfield and help your body’s healing process. Run daily as many times as necessary until the rash has gone. With wristbands, coil or adhesives (surrounding the area). With coil it’s also possible to put Healy on the area with a clean tissue underneath your coil and raise the intensity as high as possible.

€ 45

Harmonisation of the energyfield of the sensitivity of your nose

Are you suffering from swollen and irritated eyes and nose, lots of sneezing and slime… this program helps your body to get rid of it. Run this program daily, ideally start a few weeks before you normally get it. You may experience that you will no longer have (or far less) the usual histamine reaction and that your body will display a more normal reaction to  nature.

€ 45

Harmonisation in the energyfield of Hormones

Do you suffer from a disturbed hormonal balance, due to menopause or maybe puberty or after giving birth. This program harmonizes and normalises the energyfield of your hormones and is selfregulating. You can run it daily the first week, then once every 2-3 days the second week and from the third week once a week should be sufficient. If not continue a little longer.

€ 30

Harmonisation of the energy field of the Eyelid(s)

In case of droopy eyelids, harmonize the energyfield of the skin of your eyes with these frequencies and reinforce the harmonization with eyelid muscle training: Lock your indexfingers above your eyebrows (to keep your forehead from frowning) and open your eyes exagerated for 15 times with short intervals. Pause for 2 minutes and repeat (3x) during the program. This reinforces your eyelid muscles during the frequency harmonization of the energyfield of the skin of your eyes. Use the moistened earclips for this harmonization.

€ 30

Harmonization of Skinrashes red & itchy

These frequencies harmonize the energy field of itchy skin and skinrashes, in western medicin referred to as “lichen sclerose or planus” and experience learns that it really makes a difference in the symptoms like itching, compulsive scratching and pain that people experience.  Run multiple times a day in the beginning until the symptoms become less so the skin can start healing again and you will notice a relieve. In case of vaginal skinproblems, ideally clip your Healy with coil on the front of your underwear in close radius to the problem area.

€ 45

Harmonisation of the energyfield of Libido

Are you suffering of a low libido and would you like to have more energy back in your lower body, then you can run this program for optimising  and harmonising the energyfield of your libido and the field of your kidney energy, which is needed for a healthy sexdrive and your base and sacral chakras.

€ 35

Relieve imbalance of nerve problems through harmonisation in the energyfield of the nerves

Do you suffer from nerve pain because the insulation of your nerves is damaged either in your spine or brain? This program kan help you to feel beter and support the healing function of your body to harmonize and reset this disbalance in your energyfield. It has three parts, the first is to pinpoint the type of this imbalance, the second is for pain, nerves and releasing emotional trauma  and the last part is focussing on dizziness, bloodcirculation and regaining vitality. Healy will select automatically the frequencies that are most relevant at the moment of running the program. Daily treatment advisable.

€ 45

Memory and learning

Do you notice your memory gets worse and you have a hard time learning because you cannot remember. This program can help to improve and sharpen your memory by harmonisation of the energyfield of your brain and help you remember when you learn, what you learned. It should make learning an easier process. You may support yourself additionally with a foodsupplement like Floradix to improve your bloodproduction and therefore bloodflow (also to your brain). Or Chinese herbs like Dang Gui which also increase bloodproduction.

€ 45

Attention deficit or over-stimulated/ Peace and Clarity

Do you or your child suffer from lack of concentration, get easily distracted, have hypersensitivity, forgetfulnes, difficulty sleeping due to a full mind or do you have a total different perception of time… do not dispair, you may be more normal than you realise 🙂 This program harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your brain and can help you in a natural way to ease off the sharp edges so you (and the other) can cope better.

€ 45

Focus and concentration

Is it difficult for your to focus and concentrate on what you are doing ? This program stimulates the brainwaves you need for focus and concentration to finish what you started. Use it when you need extra focus and concentration, it helps to activate your brain, eg. during an exam or precisionwork.

€ 25

Spiritual Growth

Are you ready for spiritual growth and do you want to be in your personal power, your creative flow, to strengthen your visions, open your third eye and develop a strong feeling of love for you and the people and world around you? This program can help you as it sends all the frequencies that activate these qualities during an hour program in which all frequencies are sent for 10 minutes into your system. You can run this program daily with earclips (felt wet) or coil.

€ 33

Solfeggio Frequencies

Each frequency of the Solfeggio scale has its own healing power and helps to feel better physically and mentally. 396 Hz converts sadness into joy and release from guilt and fear. 417 Hz facilitates change in your life and clears trauma, provides a source of energy. 528 Hz provides miracles and transformation and restores DNA. 639 Hz brings harmony, peace and joy to connections and relationships. 741 Hz awakens intuition and makes it easier to see sollutions to problems and helps you to express them. 852 Hz awakens your intuition on a higher level and helps return to spiritual order (you will start seeing through illusions and hidden agendas more easily) 963 Hz communication with the divine, higher dimensions (manifestation power). 174 Hz reduction of pain and rstores your sense of security and 285 Hz healing, restorative and rejuvenating, boosting the immune system. 81 minutes program

€ 45

Tesla Frequencies

Nicola Tesla once said: “if you know the secrets of the numbers 369 then you know the secrets of the universe”… This program of an hour gives you every 20 minutes a new Tesla Frequency that brings you bondy-mind-soul to a new dimension. It clears negative energy and lower vibrations from your system, it brings you back to your heart-love frequency and makes you conscious on a deeper level of the fact we are all ONE. The other is merely a mirror of you and what is going on outside of you, starts in your inner world. So focus only on what you want and what makes you happy in life. Which world do you want to create ?

Great program to run during rest and meditation.


€ 33

Moon balancing

Are you susceptible to the influence of the moonfases, full moon or new moon, does it throw you off balance completely or disturbs your sleep ? This is a beautiful Healy Expert program balancing you softly with the energy of the moonphases and loading you with the energy of the sun in the first part of the program. In the second and third part it also checks your resonance with the planets Venus, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter and selects the 6 planets that you need to be most attuned to in order to benefit from the quality of these planetary energies. (When you order this program let me know if you also want the free short Moon-only version to run from 5 days before the moon changes to full or new)

€ 45

Earth Coherence

Would you like to be in nature but do you have to be inside eg. for work most of the day, then this Healy expert program can sync you with mother earth’s frequency while you work. It gives you every ten minutes one of the Schumann Frequencies starting with the most known 7,83Hz followed by 14,3Hz, 20,1Hz, 27,3Hz, 33,8Hz and last but not least 40,3Hz. This will bring you into balance with nature where ever you are… Please do not forget when outside to get rid of your sunglasses and to take your shoes off in nature so you naturally sync with mother earth.

€ 33


A unique program which brings the body in HeartBrain Coherence during 33 minutes. This is the deepest healing state for the body, relaxation and rejuvenation. This frequency stimulates the production of telomeres that become shorter and shorter while aging. Scientists in the USA have demonstrated that even 30 minutes in this state, leads to the effects still improving your body during the 6 hours following the treatment. Advice is to sit or lay down, meditate and only positive visualization in this state, as it is very powerful.

€ 33

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