I am working with TimeWaver frequencies

TimeWaver Pro is an information system intended to analyze and treat deeper causes and coherences of dis-eases in the Information Field (we call this remote harmonising).

TimeWaver Frequency is a medical system for Information Field controlled Frequency Therapy and is intended for supporting the body with her healing processes from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for supporting the body to recover from mental dis-eases like depression, fear and the related sleep disorders.

For harmonising physically on the body in my clinic with TimeWaver Frequency or McMakin, you can simply make an appointment. Depending on your complaints, we will find a way to help you and choose the right balancing method for you.

  1. TimeWaver Frequency

    80 euro / hour (first consultation 1,5- 2 hours 125 euro)
  2. TimeWaver Frequency McMakin

    80 euro / hour (first consultation 1,5- 2 hours 125 euro)
  3. TimeWaver Pro

    180 euro (intake 30 min and 28 days on-going harmonisations in the field)
  4. TimeWaver Pro package deal 1

    180 euro (treatment for 28 days remote)
  5. TimeWaver Pro package deal 2

    490 euro (treatment for 96 days remote)
  6. TimeWaver Pro package deal 3

    900 euro (treatment for 180 days remote)

Welcome in my clinic

I have made a quiet and serene space in which you can relax optimally during your session. This is important for frequency balancing, because in a tranquil body the frequencies can optimally do their healing support. Besides that, I would strongly advise you to drink sufficient water in the 3 hours before the session (at least 4 big glasses, more is no problem).

Frequencies have a faster and beter effect in a body that is well hydrated. Softdrinks, coffee or black or green tea do not hydrate your body, they de-hydrate the cells. After you session you are offered another glass of pure living water.

Who am I ?

The biggest question in everyone’s life… Who am I ? And what am I doing here ?

I am Yvonne and I am passionate about helping people to regain their health and walk their life’s path, healthy again and full of vital energy and to help them gain consciousness in understanding their body and learning to see signals and respect their boundaries.

My experience with frequency balancing is that good results can be achieved, sometimes within a relatively short time. I am genuinely happy with the positive feedback from people who have come to see me or asked me for remote balancing .

In addition to my education in frequency work, I am a licensed acupuncturist, mainly working with Dr. Tan Method and I am educated in both Chinese Medicin as Western Medicin.

More about Yvonne
Bewust Gezond Mens is onderdeel van Acupuncture Kliniek Arnhem (KVK 61161241)