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Often we do not know what is going on within our body or we may have complaints that are misunderstood, because it is “in our minds”, or “we just have to learn to live with it” or even we fill it in for ourselves by thinking this is inherent to aging.

I am convinced that most complaints can be solved, because your body has an enormous self-healing capacity and sometimes only needs a little help to be able to use that self-healing capacity again. Our key lies in having more confidence in our body and in learning to understand how it works and what it needs!

The right language to speak to the body and the understanding of what is going on, is indispensable here.

In my practice I am used to listening and watching careful and finding ways to help my patients to have a healthy, pain-free and conscious life again.

Sometimes this is a relatively fast process and sometimes it takes a little longer. Consciousness is involved, awareness in the origin of the complaints and awareness in solving the underlying cause.

Would you like to return to health and be a conscious healthy human again?

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I am trained in Chinese Medicin which a specialty in acupuncture and I have a western medical education. I am an acupuncturist and I still practice this every day in my clinic.  However, occasionally I had patients where that deeper layer was blocked and stayed blocked and that’s why, as a therapist, I started looking for new possibilities and new methods. This is how frequency therapy crossed my path 8 years ago…

I now work with Timewaver Pro and Frequency McMakin, which analyze and harmonize the invisible influences that impact us as humans in different aspects of our lives.

Everything in this universe is energy, the thoughts you send out into the world, but also the thoughts about yourself, the radio you turn on, even the frequency of the remote control of your car, which sends a signal to your car to unlock the door invisibly.

The TimeWaver system can send signals and information to your body, after a thorough analysis of the way that your body energy differs from the energy in a completely healthy body. If you optimize this information, through an optimisation in your information field, your body will move along with that vibration and it can recover faster.

If you know how energy works and that everything in the world influences each other through energy, then you may also understand that both are closely related and can also work together and influence each other favorably.

I always see an image of a body which is out of balance in a thoroidal field (energy field) that is disturbed and around it the environment full of overstimulation, which is even more disturbing for this body/mind/soul.

And then after frequency stimulation (or during the 28 days on-going balancing) I see the same body, now with a thoroidal field (energy field) which is optimized full of balancing information, that the physical body exchanges information with 24/7 no matter what goes on in the environment, as the balloon (energy field) this physical body is in, is filled with good information allowing the body to make changes and start her healing process. This maybe helps to understand how quantum physics work.

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