TimeWaver Pro and TimeWaver Frequency/ Frequency McMakinThe deepest level of harmonisation

The special thing about TimeWaver Pro is both the analysis and the harmonization of the invisible influences that influence us in different aspects of our lives: energy flow, regulation, frequencies, emotions, family lines, your own lifeline and traumas and even beyond.

The holistic human

The TimeWaver Pro works on the different levels that can be distinguished within a person as a whole and reads, as it were, your subconscious from your energy field (and where your mind plays games with you on a conscious level all day long and often counteracts you). But if you make sure, through information field application, that your subconscious gets the good and healthy information through your energy field, then your mind eventually loses its grip on your subconscious and unhelpful thoughts and conditioning is unconsciously overwritten. TimeWaver therefore works on the human being as a whole, holistically.

Consultation TimeWaver Pro

In a consultation by telephone/zoom or in my practice, we look at your request for help, the issues you encounter and also what emerges after analysis. This is our starting point. For this, harmonisation lists with remedies are drawn up in frequencies and these are then put in your energy field for 28 days and with these, old conditionings are overwritten as much as possible.

TimeWaver Pro SystemInformationfield Technology

TimeWaver Pro Technology has been developed for analysis and optimization in the information field. The aim of the TimeWaver Pro system is to analyze possible correlations and backgrounds of imbalances and disturbances in the patient’s information field and to bring them back into harmony with new information patterns (treatments). The system, developed by physicist Marcus Schmieke, is now used by more than 1,500 therapists worldwide.

The TimeWaver Frequency is a different system that is physically applied to the body and for which you have to come to my clinic to experience the benefits. This system works with the same frequencies but are then applied to the body physically.

TimeWaver Frequency McMakin is an extension of this and developed by Carolyn McMakin in the US and its protocols work with dual frequencies applied directly to the body to treat difficult dis-eases such as years of fibromyalgia, harmonisation of organs or fractures and scar tissue that people have suffered from for years.

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