Analysis with Healy

The Healy is a medical device that is derived from the TimeWaver devices, with the aim of giving people at home the opportunity to take responsibility for their health, by helping yourself with the frequencies necessary for your body. Depending on the type of Healy you use, you can use wristbands and/or measure and harmonize your information field. So you give yourself the very best care!

One form of balancing therefore works physically on the body, the other harmonizes in the information field (your own energy field).

Analysis with Healy

Healy and MagHealy cannot be bought in the store, because it’s a device that needs explaining how to best use it.  So you can purchase your own Healy or MagHealy via the link below that takes you to my Healy Shop. It is therefore important to not just randomly buy it somewhere, because then you will miss the support. If you buy the Healy via my link (in the pop-up screen it asks if I am your referrer, please say ‘yes’), then I will of course make sure that you have all the information you need to work with it easily.

Also when ordered via this link, I will give you a program to choice for your expert area free of charge, for Healy or Maghealy.

You can order the Healy or MagHealy via the button below.

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Healy and your family

It’s amazing to use Healy for your family. If you ask me, it replaces the old-fashioned cabinet that used to hang in every home. You can balance your kids, it has balancing programs for sleeping disorders, headaches, tummy aches, emotional complaints, stress, concentration disorders, focus for study, but also you can use it for yourself and your partner for pain, backaches, stress, for better sleep and for all organ- and meridian balancing. I often use it myself to optimize my vitamin and mineral levels, for optimal relaxation, fat burning and when I meditate. Also I frequently use the Gemstone elixer program and the Bachflowers on my Healy during the night.

Healy is a medical device which is certified and approved;  “Healy is a medical product for treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supporting treatment of psychic disorders such as depression, fear and the related sleeping disorders ”. All other imbalances that it works on, have not been approved according to the standards of western medicine and therefore I will not go into these.

After purchase of your own Healy through me, a free program to choice will be given to you free of charge for your expert section.

Are you interested and would you like to know more first (do not hesitate to contact me, I am on Whatsapp/Telegram) : tel.+31 6-49122402

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To purchase extra Healy ProgramsNew Programs

In addition to the existing programs on your Healy or MagHealy, it is also possible to purchase additional separate programs that I have made for Healy. The costs are 25-60 euros each and they can be sent to your Healy remotely. For a completely personalized program especially made for you, the cost is 54 euro. Contact me for requests via:

Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram +31 649 122 402.

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