Love is the choice !

The title sounds simple, because isn’t that what we all want…

If you reduce everything in this 1st Universe in which we live, to two vibrations, two frequencies, two “emotions”, then there are only two choices: love or fear.

Fear has the lowest vibration in this third dimension and Love has the highest vibration in this universe (in all dimensions).

In fact, with every response you give to someone else’s action, you only have to ask yourself whether I am responding from fear (angry, irritated, anxious, aggressive) or am I responding from love (understanding, kindness, helpful, loving, with a smile) ?

That sounds simple, and it is just that ! It makes life a lot easier and more pleasant, especially because it creates greater awareness within yourself. Awareness of how you would like to be treated by others and awareness of your behavior towards others, but also how you shape your daily reality with this energy and ultimately how you want to shape your life. Consciousness is a process. And this is exactly what is happening now, in more and more people. The awareness that the world would actually be a lot more beautiful, if everyone acted and responded from love.

Do no harm to anyone, not your fellow man, not in the animal world or in nature! If you live by this principle, rules and laws are no longer necessary. Because everyone is a mirror of yourself, we are all part of the same consciousness, the same source. So if you harm someone else, the boomerang will come back automatically and you will also end up harming yourself. Conscious people know this and as soon as you truly embody this and live from this principle, you will immediately help to make the world a better place. My mother always used to say “Improve the world, start in your Self” and she was right.

In addition, everything is woven into the language you speak…

So choose your words carefully…. What do you say to yourself? Are you saying you’re sick, or are you recovering? Your body is listening! In fact, what you were always taught about sickness and dis-ease is not that at all. We have been lied to, programmed, brainwashed, whatever you want to call it… When you have the flu, your body is in a recovery process. Something emotional has happened, you have not respected your own boundaries and your body literally knocks you down, so that it can go through a detoxification process and thus restore your body, the biological suit you are wearing, so that you can move on.

It may surprise you but same goes for cancer, however the emotional trauma and the way you disrespected yourself and your feelings go much deeper. Tumors are a healing process of your body, there is an emotional trauma encapsulated by your body to protect your body, and this tumor is broken down by your own body, when you are mentally ready to have fully processed the emotional trauma. Cancer does not metastasize, metastases are new traumas because there is medical (pharmaceutical) intervention in a natural recovery process (and this recovery process is chemically disrupted). It is worthwhile to dive into Germanic New Medicine, a world will open up for you, which is anxiously hidden from man by the pharma industry. The good news is, this industry is vanishing as people get conscious.

So do you talk to and about your body from love, or from fear? Do you belittle yourself when you speak about yourself, or are you loving and respectful towards yourself? Simple example: “oh that’s happening to me again” (victim role), “I’m too fat” (not respectful about your body, that’s probably why you keep a protective layer on), “oh what a loser I am” (not nice about yourself, you can also say “I’ll do that differently next time”). If you really pay attention to how you talk about yourself, there is still a lot of room for improvement to change the energy in which you create your reality ! And when you change the energy in which you move, your environment changes with you. “If you look differently at things, the things you look at will change accordingly”. This affects the world we live in. “Improve the world, start with your Self”.


If you use medication as a solution, you are actually suppressing the message from your body (because you don’t want to hear it, or can’t hear it, or are afraid of pain(fear)). Your body communicates with you, indicates that something is wrong. Unfortunately, we were not taught this at school, because schools force you to prepare for something very different from what you came for, when you incarnated into a physical body. However, when you learn to listen to your body’s signals, you will see that it indicates where something is wrong and where more attention and energy should be sent. A simple example is a headache. If you take a painkiller, you assume that the headache is gone. However, that is incorrect, the headache has been suppressed and you no longer think about what could be wrong. So ask yourself again and again: Am I acting out of fear for my body or out of love?

A few weeks ago I had a class with Monique Timmers (of the energetic chairs)… I came in with a pounding headache (and I never ever have a headache). I have had mucus stuck in my cavities for a while now. Monique looks at me and asks if she can say what she sees… of course I would very much appreciate that. She sees problems in my intestines and says “if we solve your intestinal problems, the mucus from your cavities will also disappear and that headache is just a messenger that comes up, so I can take a closer look at you”. While I thought that the cause was the mucus in the cavities and I did not immediately realize that my intestinal problems (which I have been adressing now for 2.5 months and are the reason I have stopped taking wheat and grains, coffee, alcohol, etc.) were the cause of the headache problem. As above so below, as within so without, as macro so micro. It is often that simple! And I am so grateful that someone is also watching over me. So I act out of love towards my body and always try to solve the problem in its root cause.

What if you read this now and think, yes, all well and good, but how do I do this?

I have been working with Monique Timmers’ energetic chairs for some time now. These chairs initiate a process in your body and in your soul, which helps you with the above. More connection with your soul and staying closer to yourself, but at the same time aligning your meridians, chakras and nadis and giving you what you need physically. The chair scans the person sitting on it and gives you what you need and can handle at that very moment of the session. I guide these chair sittings so that you become aware of yourself again and changes occur that are more in line with your Divine blueprint. You were born with this Divine blueprint, but probably over the course of your life you have most of the times become very alienated from it (because you have been lived more, than you have lived the life you wanted to choose for yourself). With the help of the treatments on the chair, you can take steps towards listening to the whispers of your soul again. And reconnection yourself to your soul’s path.

It is a nice, simple and effortless way to move forward in your life and become lighter.

We will look together at which chair is most suitable for you, when you are here.

Personal coaching

With profound transformation sessions on the Urim and/or Source Code chair, unnecessary baggage is removed and you are reconnected with your Divine blueprint. This makes you aware of your true potential and inner strength, with which you can shape life over and over again. You often also gain insights into your souls path, so that you re-member why you are here and what you are here to do. Effortless and simple, from the heart.

If you would like to start a personal coaching process, please contact me on 06-49122402.

If this raises your curiousity and you would like to do a separate chair session, that is also possible if you are in the Netherlands. Call or app me for an appointment on 06-49122402.

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