Symptoms of times changing

Symptoms of times changing, seems like an appropriate title for a new blog.

Why? Because most people are beginning to realize that we are in a transitional period. While on one side certain groups are still trying to get people into fear as much as possible, through news that always radiates negative energy into your living room. With the goal to keep the mind of people collectively focussed on misery and wars, and keeping you in a low vibration and slowing down your evolution to a higher consciousness human being. After all, when people have a low vibration, they are easier to manipulate by the controlling authorities… Unfortunately, that is the reality in which most people still find themselves today.

For this reason I myself, over 4 years ago, got rid of the television. The result: peace in my house, where respect and love for each other reign. There is time again for hobbies, reading, conversations with mutual communication about what keeps us busy and where we can put ourselves under the microscope to learn or where we are proud of our growth and development as human beings.

How I missed that all those years before 2019, where every night we sat in hypnosis looking at that box like habitual animals, looking at basically nothing meaningful! But fortunately, every day you have the opportunity to make a new choice and change your life.

I hear from more and more people that they have made the same choice, to do what makes them happy. To pick up a new hobby (something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time for) or to pick up something completely new that fulfills you with joy and energy.

For example, I started pottery and clay, wonderfully meditative and creative. Because when you are creative, you are not in your head but in your heart.

And to your heart…. that is what we are all moving towards, some a little faster than others. Also, if you look closely at the word EARTH at the top of the page, all you have to do is move the H forward (move the H from heart forward) and it says HEART.

The new age, the Age of Aquarian is going to be a magnificent Golden Age, an age of love and compassion and the realization that we are actually all ONE. What you say to another, you are actually saying to yourself. And when you wrong another, it comes back to you like a boomerang sooner or later! The way we treat Mother Earth says everything about how you treat yourself. If you damage the earth, it damages not only our mother, but also ourselves. So ALL is ONE!

The faster we realize WE ARE ALL ONE and start living by it, the faster the transformation to the new Golden Age will take place, and this is the very reason we are all wanted to incarnate in this particular period on Earth. So it is up to us, how fast we move towards this.

Mother Earth is moving

Mother Earth is currently moving. Because the position of her axis, (from the south pole to the north pole) is changing, which affects her magnetic field. We as humans notice this because we are living within this magnetic field of Mother Earth. In addition, there are solar storms, solar flares, some heavier than others, that affect this magnetic field.

What can you notice of these magnetic changes ?

You may experience tinnitis, a ringing in your ears, which is a common complaint. Sometimes people really get totally of balance from this because it may still be copable if you’re busy during the day, but as soon as you want to sleep, the ringing seems to get much worse. By the way, this can be improved with frequency therapy, so if this really bothers you, you can always make an appointment with me for a treatment in the practice or remotely with a TimeWaver treatment of 28 (or more) days. And if you have a Healy or MagHealy in your posession, you can purchase an expert program for this through my website, so you can treat yourself daily.

Other symptoms include literally noticing that you are wobbling at times, losing your balance and having to grab hold of yourself because otherwise you will fall over. You may also have a sort of feeling of a tube in your ear and tingling on your drumbeat. Or you may notice that you are tremendously tired and not understand where it is coming from.

All these symptoms have to do with a change in the field of Mother Earth and Father Sun. The human being as part of and living on the Earth, literally has to re-establish and rebalance himself and this sometimes brings discomfort. The faster you move yourself to living from your heart, your heart -energy and raise your vibration level: from fear and sadness, depression, powerlessness to hope, optimism, positive expectation, confidence, then you are already on the way to raising your frequency and you are already attracting better situations in your life. The ultimate frequency is the frequency of joy, happiness, gratitude, freedom, love and oneness.

Are you already aware of this?

If you find this difficult and would like help, you can always contact me for an appointment. I am open to help you and have several options for this.

If you are living in the Netherlands, recently I have also started working with the Urim-code chair of Monique Timmers, which has extraordinary results in awakening your consciousness and helping you grow.

With loving regards from my heart to yours,


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