Custom-made program for MagHealy

If you would like a special customized program for your MagHealy please choose this option. We will discuss your needs via Whatsapp and I will build the program for you and put it into your MagHealy software via remote access. With MagHealy you have the possibility to get programs with double frequencies for specific problems as used by Carolyn McMakin in the US.

As an example: if your nerves are damaged and you are experiencing a lot of pain, you can send the frequency for pain, 40Hz directly to your nerves 396Hz. And in this program you can also send the various frequencies for inflammation or damage to the myelin sheath of the nerves in order to help your body to repair the tissues.

Remember “everything is frequency and it’s through frequencies we can heal ourselves”

Bewust Gezond Mens is onderdeel van Acupuncture Kliniek Arnhem (KVK 61161241)