Harmonisation in the energyfield of allergies

This program helps to harmonize food allergies in the energyfield. If you have such a good working immune system that it over-reacts on all strange substances that are indulged, you may develop food allergies. This also happens with “food” that is no longer natural due to too much modification. This program harmonizes allergies and intollerances in your bio-energetic field.

This program also optimizes your small intestine which usually plays a big part in allergies and absorption of the necessary food essences. If this organ does not have optimal absorption, it may reject and react to more and more foodsubstances, creating allergy on allergy.

Also important, in case of allergies, is to expel cowmilk from your diet. Cowmilk is often the trigger for all types of allergies as the human body is not build for cowmilk. Cowmilk is to bring a calf from baby to cow in 6 months, thus making it grow very fast. In a human body it blocks the spleen energy and creates flegm, which makes the digestion process cost much more energy. This can in cases also be a reason for fast weight-gain.

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