Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the blood

This program has been specifically developped to harmonize the bio-energetic field of your blood and thus support your body to optimize your blood pressure.

As an extra it also harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your blood circulation and bloodcells.

Please note it’s important that you have enough blood circulating in your body. If you have trouble sleeping, cold hands, cold feet, cold nose, tingling in your fingers and toes or a numb feeling, tiredness, you usually need more blood. In Chinese Medicine we call this blood vacuity, which means your blood may be of great value but the total amount is lacking to warm and nourish your extremities and body.

This is what we usually see in people with arthritis, and osteoporosis. Blood is cooling and warming, it is the magnificient fluid that nourishes all tissues, bones and organs in your body. If you lack quantity of blood, your body is no longer optimally nourished and you need to make sure there are enough red blood cells* to transport oxigen and essences.

Support your body’s blood by running this program daily for about 2-3 weeks, then once every two days.

*Blood can also be built extra by eating red fruits, beetroot juice, eating (biological) red meat once every week when you are not vegetarian.

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