Harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of the Nervous Vagus

Lots of humans experience a lot of tension due to the threadmill they are in and would love to feel relaxed and peaceful. This program helps to harmonize the bio-energetic field and relax the nervus vagus and ease the muscle tension and brings you to a place of peace and quietness. In the sympathetic state the nervous system is active and allert, ready to act and run if needed, your adrenals are active; in the para-sympathatic state your body is relaxed and the muscles are at ease, nowhere to go, nothing to do.

This program activates the bio-energetic field of your parasympathetic nervous system, so please do not run this while driving a car or operating machinery.

Bewust Gezond Mens is onderdeel van Acupuncture Kliniek Arnhem (KVK 61161241)