Harmonising the bio-energetic field of Ovaries

Harmonising the bio-energetic field of your ovaries is a program which optimizes your ovaries and checks which frequencies can be harmonized, so that the self-healing properties are stimulated.

If you have extra tissue like cysts or the kind that stick to your ovaries, then usually there is underlying trauma, because when this trauma is resolved in the psyche, there will be tissue growth in the ovaries (during the conflict-fase, the tissue breaks down, in the healing fase the tissue grows back). In case of extra tissue, your body is already in a healing fase (look into Germanic New Medicin).

The program also harmonizes the bio-energetic field of emotional ties to dis-eases and softens emotional trauma so you can heal yourself.

Bewust Gezond Mens is onderdeel van Acupuncture Kliniek Arnhem (KVK 61161241)