Supporting harmonisation of the bio-energetic field of Weight

Do you want to loose weight but your body is not co-operating?

This program harmonizes the bio-energetic field of your body to optimize of a number of processes in order to help fat-burning and increase metabolism, so that it is easier to let go. Please note that is it important though to increase movement, so that your body will take it’s energy out of stored fat in cells, drink more water and go to bed before 11 pm and catch enough sleep.

11 pm -1 am is Gallbladder time (gallbladder is in charge of fatburning). Also take into account that eating fruit and salad is slowing down your metabolism (cold energetic foods). You may want to eat warm or add warm energy to your food, like ginger and a little cinnamon.

Another thing that is important to realize is that if you move or do sports in the morning after drinking water but before breakfast, you will speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day. Then run this program after your morning excercise.

Bewust Gezond Mens is onderdeel van Acupuncture Kliniek Arnhem (KVK 61161241)