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How nice would it be, if you could always trust your body ? This is a question I have finally answered for myself. For a long time I thought I trusted my body, but after more than three years of adjusting myself with Healy and Timewaver, I finally know and feel that my body communicates […]

How nice would it be, if you could always trust your body ?

This is a question I have finally answered for myself. For a long time I thought I trusted my body, but after more than three years of adjusting myself with Healy and Timewaver, I finally know and feel that my body communicates with me what it needs. Not the least because Healy Analysis also clearly indicates what my body needs right now. Often I already know it and Healy gives me that confirmation from the conscious, but often also from the unconscious (your unconscious is the piece of the iceberg that is below the water but has quite an impact on your health and your ‘state of mind’ of how you are in life right now).

I see many humans in my practice who are beginning to look at their bodies very differently. There seems to be a huge movement and shift in consciousness in humans during this special time on earth. People (I would prefer to call them humans) are asking more questions, especially in the medical circuit in which they often almost get sucked in, without having time to find the answer themselves in silence.

I went through this myself 4 years ago…I was sort of overpowered by a dermatologist (who, by the way, from what she was taught, meant well) and before I knew it I was outside and she had cut a piece out of my scalp for examination…a biopsy.

Fortunately, I was so startled by this anxiety protocol that I decided to initially work on this myself, using frequencies. This was not exactly accepted gracefully but there was an understanding because this dermatologist had seen someone cure himself before, so she mentioned that she knew there was more (outside the scope of where she came from).

Now that I know more about the New Germanic Medicine, I also understand what was going on then and why my body was already in a healing phase. This healing phase in the medical circuit is not called ‘healing phase’ but ‘disease’. There is a lot of money to be made from illness, that is what this industry runs on, there is not much to be made from health or people who are in a healing phase and realize it.

Of course, as an acupuncturist and frequency therapist, I also make a living helping people who want to address their symptoms in a different way and thus support their own healing phase. But I can work from my heart to support the healing process of my clients, on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual (psychic) without making people dependent on my way of working and without the fear protocols and therefore also without them getting sicker (because there are no negative side effects). A side effect that fills me with gratitude is that I see people becoming more aware and learning more about their health and body during the process and taking their own power and responsibility for their Self through the treatments I give to support. Because it has taken long enough if you ask me, for people to just hand over power over themselves to a system that is not focused on self-reliance or explaining how things really work in the holistic system called body-mind-soul.

Acupuncture, in a nutshell, gets stagnant energy flowing again, thus helping the body in her healing, thus reducing symptoms. Frequency therapy ensures that underlying problems are also addressed (visible problems or unvisible problems due to unconscious issues that play) and actually the body makes contact with the correct frequencies, so that it can find its own way out of the labyrinth and the self-healing ability can resume its work.

Fatigue, a common complaint nowadays and part of this time, as it shows the recovery your body is working so hard on. If you are tired, then you are not taking enough rest for yourself and you are overstepping your bounderies! Fatigue is your body saying, “Gee, I want to recover, but you don’t listen, you just go on and on, so I’m going to make you feel so tired so that you will finally slow down and I can spend today’s energy on the recovery work needed to keep you healthy”.

Most of the energy your body uses on a daily basis goes to your digestive system. If you eat something, consciously or unconsciously (snacking) then your body goes to work digesting what you take in first, and all other processes (except the automatic processes needed to keep your body alive) are on hold.

This is also why intermittent fasting is such a strong tool. Digestion takes about 11 hours of your daily energy levels, so if you’re still eating at 8 p.m. (meal/fruit/candy/crisps) in the evening, it will be digested all night until 7-8 in the morning. If you then enjoy your breakfast at 8:00 a.m. with a cappuccino, your dear body will start the digestion process all over again. Then you may have slept during the night, but your body has been working on-going (this often even affects the quality of sleep).

So suppose I start eating at 12:00 noon, and my last meal is at 6:00 p.m., then I have eaten for 6 hours and then my body has 18 hours to:

1: digest everything for 11 hours,

2: spend the remaining 7 hours looking at where energy is needed to repair cells or body processes (think of breaking down extra cells, digesting fat, getting rid of toxins, optimizing your digestion etc etc). The longer the period of eating nothing (drinking only water or herbal teas) the more time for recovery and healing processes.

There is a reason why certain cultures institute a fasting period (often through religion) to give your body a respite from Western culture that almost constantly tempts you to ingest all sorts of things throughout the day…. that’s a thought 🙂

In the next Blog, I’ll talk a little more about how frequencies can change your life for the better….

Kind regards and have a beautiful day


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